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Basketball Day The first public game was played on March 11, 1892. Basketball was invented by James Naismith, a Canadian physical education instructor. Under orders from the department head, James Naismith had 14 days to create an indoor game that would provide an "athletic distraction" for a rowdy class through the brutal New England winter. It all started with two peach baskets affixed to a 10-foot high railing and with a soccer ball in a YMCA (Young Mens Christian Association) in Massachussets.

This is a great day to promote health through exercise! Go outside and play with a basketball or other ball. Try passing, rolling or bouncing the ball to each other. If you have a basketball net, you can practice shooting the ball in the net. If the weather isn't nice, you can still enjoy a ball inside the house using a smaller or lighter ball, and playing catch or trying to toss it into a wash basket or other bin. For some quiet time, enjoy a book about basketball, or try the tissue paper craft.

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Books & Videos

  Little Basketball Little Basketball by Brad Herzog
Now even the smallest of fans can enjoy a book about their favorite sport. Rhyming riddles acompanied by colorful artwork help introduce the game's simplest, most basic elements.
  Jump Ball! Jump Ball! by Nick Fauchald
A brief introduction to the game of basketball as intended to be played by children.
  Brittany the Basketball Fairy Brittany the Basketball Fairy by Daisy Meadows
While everyone in Fairyland is getting ready for the Fairy Olympics, Jack Frost's goblins steal the Sports Fairies' magic objects, and Rachel and Kristy must play the goblins' Mean Green Basketball Team to win back Brittany's magic ball.
  Dream Big Dream Big by Deloris Jordan
From the age of nine years Michael dreams of playing basketball for the United States in the Olympics, and with hard work and his mother's encouragement, he realizes his dream.

Play Ball!

Play Ball!

How To Make:

It's best if you can get outside to play ball, but if the weather isn't cooperating, you can still have fun inside too. Try these different skills either with a real basketball, or another ball of similar size.

If you have a small kids' basketball net to use, let them have fun shooting baskets. Otherwise, you can setup a bin or trash can to use instead. After doing some practice shots, you can make up a simple game and keep score.

Bounce the ball to each other, or try passing back and forth. If you're using a basketball, bouncing will probably work best since it will be heavier for your child to handle. (If they're really little, you can also roll it to each other.)

If they can easily do the skills above, you can have them try to dribble the ball. Once they master dribbling in a stationary position, they can try to dribble while moving around.

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Tissue Basketball Craft

Make a tissue paper basketball. Fun craft for little kids and big kids too!
Tissue Basketball Craft Tissue Basketball Craft Tissue Basketball Craft
What You'll Need:
  • Orange and black tissue paper (or streamers or construction paper)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • basketball.pdf

How To Make:

1. Print out the 'basketball.pdf' template.
2. Cut 1" squares of black and orange tissue paper (does not need to be exact)....(also, we didn't have black tissue paper or streamers, so we just used construction paper.)
3. Put a line of glue on the black lines of the basketball (the outside circle is optional).
4. Using the black tissue paper, either crumple up the tissue paper into tiny balls, or simply press the middle of the tissue paper into the glue. (The latter method will result in a "fluffier" basketball.) Repeat this process until the black lines are filled up.
5. Now do the same with the orange tissue paper, filling in between the black lines.

Note: Crumpling up the tissue paper takes awhile and requires patience. My daughter decided to do her own thing and just lay the tissue paper flat, which was much quicker!

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