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Books & Videos

  Miss Spider's Tea Party Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk
When lonely Miss Spider tries to host a tea party, the other bugs refuse to come for fear of being eaten!
  How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? by Jane Yolan
In this fun story, Jane Yolen uses kid-favorite dinosaurs to teach proper mealtime etiquette. Kids will love the first part of the book when the dinosaurs burp, spit, fidget, squirm, and of course, throw their food. When the author asks if this is the way dinosaurs should act, you?ll get a resounding no. The remainder of the story shows the dinosaurs being polite, sitting nicely, chewing well, saying please and thank you, and trying the different types of food on their plates. Your children will laugh their way to better manners in no time.
  I'm A Little Teapot I'm A Little Teapot by Iza Trapini
Expanded verses of a familiar song tell how a teapot dreams of visiting China, Mexico, the opera, a jungle, and other places while waiting to be used to serve tea.Music and lyrics on last page.

Tea Party

All children love a tea party! It is a great way to get them involved in the entire eating experience with preparing the table, serving the food, and thinking about table manners.
Tea Party
What You'll Need:
  • small table
  • finger foods
  • tablecloth
  • juice or tea for kids

How To Make:

1. Setup 1-2 small tables.
2. Have kids help put on tablecloth, set the table with plates and cups, and decorate the table as desired with flowers, doilies, namecards, etc.
3. Children can dress-up in fancy clothes for the special event.
4. Have children help serve and be sure to remind them not to start eating until everyone has their food.
5. Remember to also use please's and thank-you's!

More fun: Place items that start with the letter T on the table and have kids try to find things at the Tea Party that start with the letter T.

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Songs & Rhymes

  I'm a Little Teapot by Nursery Rhymes
Sing the song and do the motions with the children
  Please and Thank You by Barney
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Table Manners Chart

  Table Manners Chart This chart shows different pictures of table manners for the little ones to follow. Laminate it and use it as a placemat!
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