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March 1 is National Pig Day! It was started in 1972 by two sisters in order to "celebrate the pig as one of man's most intellectual and domesticated animals." Whether you celebrate by giving pigs the day off, or by appreciating their offerings (bacon, spare ribs, etc.)... it's up to you!

My kids had so much fun with this day, I named the site after it! There's so much you can do with this theme - pick a few or have fun and do them all! You can start with the online story, "The Three Little Pigs", or read any books about pigs you have at home. Make pig noses, tails, pretend to be pigs, dress in all pink, make fun pig snacks, and more. Be sure to check out the links to learn some facts about pigs. You can even use the pig theme into daily routine, "Time to clean up the pig pen!" or "Don't forget to wipe your snout!"

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Books & Videos

  Piggies Piggies by Don and Audrey Wood
Ten little piggies dance on a young child's fingers and toes before finally going to sleep.
  Busy Piggies Busy Piggies by John Schindel
Describes, in rhyming text and illustrations, the various activities of a group of pigs.
  The Three Little Pigs The Three Little Pigs
Classic fairytale online story.

Pig Noses

Pig Noses Pig Noses
What You'll Need:
  • Cardboard tube (paper towel or toilet paper)
  • pink paint or paper
  • string

How To Make:

1. Cut a cardboard tube to size.
2. Paint or cover the tube with pink paper.
3. Cut out a pink circle to cover the end of the tube and cut 2 nostrils out. Tape this onto the end of the tube.
4. Add string - cut to size to fit your child's head.

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3 Little Pig Houses

After hearing the story of the 3 little pigs (see online book above), help your kids make these houses. This craft is a bit involved, so you may need to prep some things in advance before you have "help". Once finished, though, this craft provides lots of fun play with the piggies that can hide in the houses from the big bad wolf!
3 Little Pig Houses
What You'll Need:
  • cardstock
  • yarn
  • toothpicks
  • red paint
  • pink felt
  • googly eyes
  • pink pom-poms (optional)
  • PigHouse.pdf

How To Make:

1. Print 3 houses using the template (PigHouse.pdf) onto cardstock. (If you don't have cardstock, you can use regular paper, but it will be a little less sturdy).
2. Glue string onto house #1.
3. Glue toothpicks onto house #2.
4. Cut out a rectangle from a sponge, and sponge paint red "bricks" onto house #3.
5. Cut three little pigs from pink felt.
6. Glue on googly eyes.
7. Glue on pink pom-poms or draw a snout.

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Pig Tails

Pig Tails
What You'll Need:
  • pink paper
  • scissors

How To Make:

1. Draw a spiral on the pink paper.
2. Have (or help) your child cut on the line to make a nice swirly pig tail.
3. Tape the tail on your little piggy!

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Pig Face Treat

You can use whatever you have in your pantry to make a fun pig face snack. I used marshmallows, chocolate chips, frosting gel, and sprinkles. You could also put cream cheese on a bagel, use raisins for eyes, watermelon ears, etc.
Pig Face Treat

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Songs & Rhymes

  This Little Piggy by English Nursery Rhyme
This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy stayed home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none,
And this little piggy cried,
"Wee, wee, wee."
All the way home.
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  History of Pigs for Kids

Did you know that pigs like to eat acorns? Read more about pigs on this site...
  Fun Pig Facts For Kids

More fun pig facts for kids.
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Other Ideas

  • Make pigs out of pink clay.
  • Fingerpaint with brown paint (or chocolate pudding!) for mud and then add pigs cut from pink paper.
  • Visit a farm
  • Learn about the color Pink (mix red and white paint to make pink)
  • Learn about the Letter P
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