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Tulip Day Tulips are the 3rd most popular flower after roses and mums. In the 17th century, there was such a craze for tulips that people had to sell their fortunes to pay for their habit. The obsession was known as Tulipomania! Tulips are also hypoallergenic, so a perfect gift for those who have allergies but love flowers!

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Books & Videos

  The Rainbow Tulip The Rainbow Tulip by Pat Mora
A Mexican-American first-grader experiences the difficulties and pleasures of being different when she wears a tulip costume with all the colors of the rainbow for the school May Day parade.
  Tulips Tulips by Melanie Mitchell
A basic overview of the life cycle of a tulip.

Finger Painting Tulips

What You'll Need:
  • White paper
  • Finger paint (green, red, yellow)

How To Make:

1. Dip the forearm (from elbow to wrist) in green finger paint. If you don't have a tray big enough to accommodate this, just paint the finger paint onto the forearm with a paintbrush.

2. Press the arm down 3 or 4 times onto a sheet of white paper (construction paper works great!) to make the stems of the tulips .

3. Now dip the hand (excluding the thumb) into red finger paint and stamp on top of the stems (holding the thumb up) to make the tulip flowers.

4. Keep the fingers close together.

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Water Color Tulips

What You'll Need:
  • Watercolors
  • Paper
  • Permanent marker

How To Make:

1. Sketch tulips onto paper.

2. Outline the pencil with permanent marker. Optional: add crayon lines to the flower for added effect.

3. Use watercolor to paint the flower.

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Visit a Nursery

Visit a flower nursery to explore different flowers with your child. They will love seeing all the different colors of flowers!
Visit a Nursery

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