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Thomas Jefferson Day Today is Thomas Jefferson's Birthday. Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president of the United States and was the author of the Declaration of Independence. Many people consider Jefferson to be among the most brilliant men to occupy the Presidency. Not only was he a legislator, but also an architect, inventor, scientist, agriculturist, and a writer.

Even your little one's can enjoy this day! Just by introducing them to what a president is, they are being exposed to the way the world works around them. Watch the quick video about Thomas Jefferson, show them he is on the nickel, learn about the Declaration of Independence, and then have them make one of their own, just like Thomas Jefferson did!

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Books & Videos

  Getting to Know Thomas Jefferson Getting to Know Thomas Jefferson

Kids' Declaration of Independence

Have your kids make their own Declaration of Independence! After doing so, you might even let them do a few of these things, so they can experience their own independence (and hopefully realize why you have these rules). It might also open up a discussion on why you set the rules you have, and perhaps you might even end up modifying some.
Kids' Declaration of Independence
What You'll Need:
  • Cold coffee or tea (1/2 cup)
  • White paper
  • Blowdryer
  • Markers, paint, pens

How To Make:

1. Start by learning about the real Declaration of Independence. (see under Links)

2. Make your own parchment (optional). Rip the edges off the paper, to make it look older. Crumple the paper into a tight ball. Unfold the paper and flatten onto a cookie sheet or plate. Pour coffee or tea over the paper. Swoosh around to cover everything. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then pour out the coffee/tea. Don't pick up the paper yet! Blow dry for about 5 minutes on high, then when it starts to lift up, then another 2 minutes on a low setting. After making this paper, my son said, "This is the paper they used back in 1999!"

3. Now for the fun part! Talk about the rules you have in your household. Then, let your kids come up with their own rules, or ways they wish they could be more independent from their parents (i.e. eat candy whenever they want, watch tv all day, etc.). Help them write it on the paper, or if they can write, let them do it. For extra fun, tie a feather to a pen or pencil, so it will be like they are writing with a quill.

4. After they write all their rules, as a fun incentive, let them pick 1-2 that they can do that day! (They might realize later why you have the rule...!)

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Nickel Coloring Page

  Nickel Coloring Page Thomas Jefferson has been on the nickel since 1938 when it replaced the Buffalo nickel.
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  Declaration of Independence

Read a version of the Declaration worded for kids to understand.
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